About Us

Our History

Rejoice Lutheran Church is the result of years of planning by the Northeastern Ohio Synod and the Division of Outreach of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Beginning as a mission congregation in 1997 we conducted worship at schools and other buildings for many years. In 2006 we became known as “the church in a trailer” and perfected the weekly set-up/take down system for the next couple of years in various locations. In June 2008, building construction began under the leadership of Mission Builders culminating with the first worship service in the building on Dec 21, 2008.

Uniquely Rejoice!

At Rejoice the atmosphere is casual and informal. Our “no need to dress up” motto encourages folks to bring their coffee to worship and helps folks feel warm and comfortable.

Member Chris Wisbar says ” “I like that I can come in my jeans and bring my coffee to worship”.

With the recognition that we are all sinners we welcome everyone to hear the Good News with messages that are applicable to daily life. Members and guests alike feel welcome right away at Rejoice.

“I felt like part of the group after just a couple weeks.  I was warmly accepted immediately and was asked for my opinions” – Liz Franke

What Lutherans Believe

We are a Member Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and our mission statement is simple: “To rejoice in and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all people.” As such below are important tenants of the ELCA church.

Jesus is God’s son, chosen by God to become human. He restored the relationship of love and trust intended to exist between God and people. Jesus rose on the third day, now called Easter, and appeared to his followers as the risen, living Lord.

The Bible is “the manger in which the Word of God is laid” (Martin Luther). Lutherans do recognize differences in the way the Bible is studied and interpreted, but accept it as the primary and authoritative Witness to faith.

Sin describes not so much individual acts of wrong doing as fractured relationships between people and God. Humanity’s attempt to please God falls short of the mark by the standard of the Law, of which the Ten Commandments are a classic summary and God’s just and loving expectations for creation are expressed. Our failure to live up to those expectations reveals our need for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

The two sacraments of Baptism and Communion are practiced. Both are visible acts of God’s love. In Baptism, God freely offers his grace and lovingly establishes a new community. In Holy Communion, those who come to the table receive in bread and wine the body and blood of Jesus.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Jesus is Lord and Savior.
  2. Prayer is central to all we do.
  3. Improve our relationship with God and others.
  4. Love one another and communicate openly and respectfully.
  5. Praise God through worship, prayer, the Word, sacraments, and music.
  6. Our Outreach should meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of others.
  7. Encourage spiritual growth through the study of the Word.
  8. Remain focused on and educate according to the Scripture and Lutheran doctrine.

Meet Our Staff

Our Interim Pastor: Pastor Doug Fidler

Our Music Director: Mr. Derek Carter

Our Leadership Team:

Bethany Bryant, President, Outreach Committee

Janet Juliano, Vice President, Stewardship, Worship

Tim Boebel, Treasurer

Paige Giannetti, Care Committee

Francine McBride, Financial Secretary

Elizabeth Franke, Outreach

Chris Wisbar, Property

Lisa Ramsey, Secretary