Congratulations to Bob Radl as an Unsung Hero in Akron

Bob Radl, a member of Rejoice, was recognized as an “Unsung Hero” by the Akron Beacon Journal on December 27 for his significant volunteer efforts with the Bhutanese population in Akron (see link to ABJ article and video below).

After Bob retired, he was looking for some positive ways to spend his time while contributing more to the community.  His wife, Janice, saw an article about the International Institute of Akron (IIA), an organization which welcomes new Americans to Akron to help make the community their home.  She gave the article to Bob, encouraging him to become involved, which he promptly did!   

IIA focuses on programs and services that “assist those born outside of the United States to integrate into American society.”  After some training, Bob began by helping a family in 2012 and has continued to maintain that relationship, while also becoming engaged with several other families.  He started by just helping them go through mail, learn how to pay bills, go to doctors’ appointments, work with government offices for various registrations and even how to get a green card and driver’s license.  

Bob received the ultimate compliment from his Bhutanese American friends when he was ill for a while.  They came to the hospital to visit him and then eventually to his home as well, where they proactively did several outdoor tasks for Bob to assist him.  He has attended their citizenship ceremonies and benefited by developing close relationships.

Please congratulate Bob and learn more about what he continues to gain from this experience of helping others.  Also see the ABJ link and video interview.