Drive through Ashes

Drive Thru Ashes(The Song – “Dust in the Wind” begins the Sermon) Marisa got a guitar for Christmas. I gave her a couple songs to work on and practice. One was an inside out Travis picking style song called, “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, written by Kerry Livgren. Livgren says it was just a … [Read more…]

Why aren’t we growing?

Why do people keep asking what do we need to do to grow? What are the common characteristics of growing churches? What are indicators of decline? Recently I saw a graph that showed churches that focused on survival or inward were in decline. The same graph showed churches that had a vision for outreach and … [Read more…]

Pastoral Letter

 Pastoral Letter to me! Sometimes I just need to kick myself in the seat of my pants and grab on to something and hang on for dear life. This letter is a reflection of my thoughts and faith at this particular moment. I write it to myself but if it helps someone else that would … [Read more…]